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Amazing. Good information Shengy Xiong

Posted by Walker33 on May 21, 11 10:24 pm · History

Hello. How are you today. I'm enjoying your layout very much. Well more the style. :)
Where do you learn to create your own codes?
Good day, thank you for your time.

Posted by Nosferatu-lyts on Jul 26, 10 2:31 pm · History

Mademoiselle, Thank you!

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 23, 10 12:55 pm · History

Mademoiselle, This is just beautiful! I love this layout! Awesome!

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 9, 10 7:35 pm · History

hey dear!
Hope you're doing well :)
..Happy Easter!

Posted by Snaily on Apr 4, 10 12:07 am · History

Lolz,Niice xD
Aw buddy,hang in there,and Congrats though ^o^!!! Boy,time passes by...

Posted by Snaily on Jan 24, 10 7:01 pm · History

Hey Buddy How's it going? Hope your doing well :D

Posted by Snaily on Jan 23, 10 12:19 am · History

..and Thank You too *hugs* :D
Aw cool!..that's nice ^.^
Lolz,thanks,Hope your year is full or Good Luck,and Joy :)

Posted by Snaily on Jan 1, 10 9:55 pm · History

Happy New Years!!!

Posted by Snaily on Jan 1, 10 12:05 am · History

Lol,ok..thanks ^ ^!

Posted by Snaily on Dec 29, 09 6:12 pm · History

hey buddy! are you?

Lol,I had a quick question..did you make the music playlist at or

Posted by Snaily on Dec 28, 09 6:13 pm · History

Ahh,I'm glad xD..thanks buddy ^ ^!

Ps-don't forget to change the "extra area"..don't want that random text there xD

Posted by Snaily on Dec 26, 09 4:22 pm · History

Hey Buddy!!!..Hope you get the msg...I decided to change my exchange :)..hope you like this one as much as I do(better than this one I made -_-')!


Posted by Snaily on Dec 26, 09 3:24 pm · History

Lol,aww. I'm sure you gave her the gift now huh? x)

haha,you should be very proud of yourself!'s sooo pretty :D

...ahh mine is TOO dark now,lol...I'm designing another one soon,and it has to be light!...hmmm maybe as a birthday gift?! question is..when is your birthday?!..

OH YES I DO LOVE MY GIFTS ^ ^!..Hope you like yours :)..have a good day buddy *hugs*

Posted by Snaily on Dec 25, 09 11:30 am · History

Hey Buddy!

I sent the msg,hope you get it!..and oops I forgot to send a preview..sorry!

Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *hugs* :D

~take care~

PS-i played around with the coding,but if there's something that doesnt look right to you,you can change it ^ ^!

Posted by Snaily on Dec 24, 09 9:46 pm · History

lmao it's ok xD...haha I think I did need a break...Thank You!!!

Posted by Snaily on Dec 23, 09 9:46 pm · History

OMFG YES I DID!!!!..Thank You So Much!!! *hugs*'s so beautiful,and cute too!!! :D

Posted by Snaily on Dec 23, 09 9:37 pm · History

Aw thank you!! I'm using it as soon as I get the msg...Im sending yours as soon as I fix up something in the banner ^ ^!

Posted by Snaily on Dec 23, 09 8:55 pm · History

Lolz that's ok buddy ^ ^!
Lmao Oh xD..well maybe the weather is better there than here!!..hehe

PS-oh snap,i dont like the lyt i made..redo!

Posted by Snaily on Dec 22, 09 9:47 pm · History

Hey Buddy!..How Are You Doing?! if it's cold over there,stay warm!..well anyways,I made the lyt(exchange)...and well just give me a call(lol cmnt) when you get back on..ok?!..PS-no rush!..I just had extra time now :3

Posted by Snaily on Dec 16, 09 7:04 pm · History

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